React Labs is no longer up and running, but the FAQ remains here for archival purposes.

What devices does React Labs run on, and how do you get it?

Currently React Labs runs on iPhone, Android, and iPad, and it can also be used on laptops using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.  React Labs is a Web app, which means there’s no need to bother downloading anything from an app store.  It runs in the Web browser of  users’ mobile devices — they can get there just by tapping a link you send them in a text or e-mail message.

I’m interested in running a React Labs real-time poll.  Can we talk?

Definitely.  If you are a polling firm, marketing organization, or other group that’s interested in the possibility of using React Labs, please send mail to reactlabs@gmail.com.

What does it cost to run real-time polling using React Labs?

Drop us a line at reactlabs@gmail.com and let’s talk.

Is React Labs looking for developers?

React Labs is looking for the right developers.Some capabilities we’re looking for (including part-time possibilities) include experience building highly scalable solutions on AWS, superior interactive Web and Web app design and implementation, and real-world experience with large scale language analysis.

Ultimately, what React Labs is about is giving people a voice. Whether they’re watching a political debate or a Super Bowl ad, today’s audiences aren’t just watching — they also have something to say. What gets us up in the morning is the idea of tapping into that potential for engagement, and learning from the rich data it can produce. We’re doing that by pulling together the precision of traditional polling, the real-time immediacy of dial tests, and the expressive language of social engagement. And we’re putting the technology where people already are: on their mobile devices.

So if you’re in the DC area and you’re interested, mail us at reactlabs@gmail.com and don’t just send a resume. Tell us what really matters to you — what gets you up in the morning — and how it fits in with our mission.

Is React Labs looking for investors?

We are considering a variety of possibilities at the moment, including early stage investments.  If you’d like to explore that possibility, please send mail to reactlabs@gmail.com.

I’m a potential user of this app. How can I participate in a React Labs live poll?

For information about possible opportunities to participate, and to get (very) occasional updates about React Labs as it progresses, you can sign up at our Google Group.