About React Labs

React Labs is no longer up and running. This page is here for archival purposes.



E-mail: reactlabs@gmail.com


Philip Resnik, Ph.D. is a technologist and entrepreneur with extensive experience in industry and academia.  He was a technical co-founder of CodeRyte Inc., a leading provider of text analysis for healthcare (acquired in 2012 by 3M Health Information Systems), and he helped lead the creation of the award winning ConveyAPI social media analysis platform for social strategy firm Converseon, as its lead scientist.  As professor and director of the Computational Linguistics and Information Processing Laboratory at the University of Maryland, Dr. Resnik specializes in computational approaches to social science.

Amber Boydstun, Ph.D. is an advisor to React Labs and leads the React Labs: Educate collaboration.  She is an assistant professor of Political Science at the University of California, Davis, and studies the causes, dynamics, and political effects of media attention and framing.

Jeffrey Korn, who advised React Labs on user experience and visual design,  is an award-winning creative director, teacher and user experience designer whose work has won international praise. Jeffrey leads the internet strategy and design firm, Jeffrey Korn Creative.  His undergraduate degree is from Harvard and he teaches leadership communications at Harvard Business School, Columbia, Duke, Kellogg and inside organizations ranging from Disney to the CIA. He also heads the innovative mobile apps business Talkler Labs, LLC.


The React Labs platform allows very large numbers of participants to register their moment-by-moment reactions to live and televised events, providing a highly engaging user experience and producing rich, detailed data for analysis. Beginning with our launch during the Fall 2012 presidential debates, we’ve gathered data for political scientists from thousands of students across the country, we’ve helped journalists create award winning political coverage, and we’ve partnered with a top consumer-media research firm to analyze reactions to Super Bowl advertising.  We’re now branching out into other use cases, including video testing.


Ultimately, what React Labs is about is giving people a voice. Whether they’re watching a political debate or a Super Bowl ad, today’s audiences aren’t just watching — they also have something to say. What gets us up in the morning is the idea of tapping into that potential for engagement, and learning from the rich data it can produce. We’re doing that by pulling together the precision of traditional polling, the real-time immediacy of dial tests, and the expressive language of social engagement. And we’re putting the technology where people already are: on their mobile devices.